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AAF offers air filtration solutions for your home, for commercial environments, and for heavy industry.
AAF Air filter above clean room with two people wearing protective blue suits

Our Primary Areas of Focus

Early on, we realized the importance of clean air in the places where people live, work, and play. Understanding that each of these places require their own unique and specialized solutions, we established three business divisions.


Our home air filters meet the same exacting standards as our commercial products. Easy-to-install, the filters ensure Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for your home and help extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment. They are available in retail stores and online under multiple brand names.


In 1921, AAF founder Bill Reed invented a filter as a means of preventing dust from gathering on his freshly painted cars. Since then, our air filtration products and solutions have improved the air quality for a wide range of places, including commercial buildings, agricultural structures, hotels and conference centers, research and healthcare facilities, manufacturing settings, museums, and schools and universities.

Power & Industrial

The Power and Industrial Division first created products in 1932 aimed at reducing industrial emissions from exhaust air. Over the years, we have added dust collectors, specialized filters, and complex cooling and containment equipment that meet a growing list of challenges associated with nuclear power facilities, diesel engines, and gas turbines.

Recent Filtration Solutions

COVID Vaccine Production
Field hospital with empty beds
Female nurse with mask on caring for elderly man with mask on
  • The pandemic brought a host of new challenges for us. We received an emergency order from a customer in the pharmaceutical industry supporting Operation Warp Speed, the US Government project to produce and deliver hundreds of millions of vaccines. On short notice, AAF provided clean air technology to create clean room environments for vaccine production.
  • Due to shortages of hospital beds, the world leader in the construction of medical shelters needed several hundred HEPA filters to be installed in field hospitals.
  • When a naval hospital had to be established near New York City because of rampant infections, we delivered HEPA filters quickly to help shelter COVID-19 patients.
Scientist wiping air filter

Developing the Future of Filtration Today

This is what fuels our innovation. Our Clean Air Center provides us with a testing grounds for latest technology, whether it is the next global pandemic with a biological lab, sensor and filtration research technologies or advances in material sciences.

The CAC supports the customer and the industry with next level development and services now and for the next 100 years.

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