Our Vision

Our strength, partnership, and innovation empowers us as we continue our work toward a very promising future for indoor air quality (IAQ).
Young man working in AAF factory

A Message from Our General Manager

We have seen a dramatic change in the air filtration industry over the past year. COVID-19 has led people to be more aware of the air around them. Due to the awareness of indoor air quality, there has been an increase in demand for high-performance air filters among both commercial and residential divisions. We stood up to the challenge to support our customers with infectious disease controls.

As we celebrate our 100 years, we will continue to support the demand for clean air and mitigate risks of airborne pathogens. We will continue to innovate our technology, products, and manufacturing processes to better serve the globe. Clean air is something that should be considered vital to everyone’s health and we will continue to provide solutions for not just society, but also for the environment. These solutions will include upgraded air monitoring services, low energy, high-performance products, and lean manufacturing.

We also want to thank all our employees, customers, suppliers, and vendors who have helped shaped the company we are today. We appreciate your support in bringing clean air to life. Here’s to the next 100 years of improving the quality of life through air filtration.


Hitoshi Jinno

General Manager, Filter Division

8 Key Impacts for the Future of Filtration

We believe our work is just getting started. These are our top priorities as we focus on the next 100 years.

Increase awareness of IAQ.


Shifting demand for higher efficiency filtration.


Increase in smart building technology, IoT connectivity.


Clean air services are highly valued.


On-demand air filtration will be a new development.


Increase in clean air regulation.


The effects of dirty air go well beyond simple particle contamination.


Increase in sustainable building operations to support the environment.

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